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Shawl Cemetery
Submitted on May 02, 2001
by D. E. Shawl

The SHAWL CEMETERY is located in Sandusky County, Jackson Township approximately 8 km. west of Fremont, Ohio at 41° 19' 57" N latitude, 083° 12' 44" W longitude. It is situated on a slight rise to the south of a stream and is almost centered in a section of land bordered on the north by US highway 6 and on the west by State Route 590. It is virtually impossible to see from any nearby road. Access is north from the first east/west road south of US6 via a lane along the farm field about 1/2 mile east of State Route 590.

This cemetery is thought to be so-named because it is located on land once owned by Michael Shawl (Nicholas Schall III, Nicholas Jr., Nicholas). This has yet to be verified by the writer.

The area is, as a guesstimate, about fifty by one-hundred feet and is surrounded by trees/bushes and barbed wire fencing. The ground is field grass with wild growths of wildflowers and chives.

The township adequately maintains the grounds but most of the markers are in very poor condition. Many are broken, several have fallen over and others are too worn to read. Some of those that have fallen over appear to have collected water in the engraved area, which in turn has completely eroded and obliterated the inscriptions. All the stones are tablet style rather than monuments, pillars, etc.

It appears that in several instances there was a larger stand-up tablet bearing the deceased's name, date of death, age at death and in some cases the spouse, with a smaller ground stone bearing only the deceased's name or initials.

Some of those that were legible are as follows:

CATHERINE E Wife of Geo. Overmier died Dec. 5, 1848, Age 64y. 6 mo. (Large stone lying on ground)

C. E. O. (Small stone, broken at bottom lying on ground). Presumably "Catherine E. Overmier"

MARY JANE Departed this life December 22, 1841. Aged 16 years & 6 days. (Large stone lying on ground). A second smaller stone appearing to bear the same information is also lying on the ground.

In Memory of PETER STULTS who died Oct. 16, 1811. Aged 65y 11m & 30d. (Large stone lying on the ground)

HENRY STULTS Died July 20, 1816 Aged (Years unreadable, stone broken) 6 mo. (Medium size stone lying on ground)

JOHN WOOLCOTT Died ______ 181_. (Stone broken and lying on ground)

MARY DICKEN Died Sep 14 1846 Ag 59 ys 1 mo 25 ds (This tablet is standing upright)